2 Green Living Tips You Should Know


a pictureI would like to share these great green living tips to you all. These will cut down your electricity bill in a little way.

  1. When we iron on a regular ironing board we are only effectively ironing on one side. Inserting a few sheets of aluminum foil in between the ironing board and the board cover will reflect the heat of the iron and Voila! You are now ironing from both sides, meaning you iron quicker and therefore use less electricity.
Give it a try!

Regularly defrosting your freezer can massively improve its efficiency. The ice that builds up becomes an insulator, reducing the effectiveness of the freezing process. Also make sure you use the whole of your freezer, rather than leaving it only half-full.

Conversely, make sure you leave space in your fridge. The fridge needs space so that cold air can circulate, allowing the fridge to operate efficiently. It’s also worth vacuuming the cooling coils of your fridge on a regular basis, otherwise the fridge needs to work harder than it needs to (using more energy).


My Life Thinking said...

Thanks for the great tips!

ASWANI said...

will try these tips for sure :)

not important diary said...

good tips

Lydia said...

Good for you in creating this important blog. Of all your blogs (Your Are Busy!) I think this one is the greatest because it is all about saving the planet. Excellent tips here.

yasinta said...

Good tips. Thank you. I read many of your posts and agree that we should move green living now.

cPanel Hosting said...

This was cool stuff.. Thanks for the share..


Web Development Orlando said...

Great Stuff..I read many blogs but you are the best for your blod is all about saving the planet.And your tips are realy very cool.

Thanks for sharing tips and keep blogging.

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