Green Driving Tips And Save Money

One of the worst ways in which we can ruin our environment is by driving conventional cars. By burning fuel we contribute to the worsening ozone levels and to make matters worse, the increasing prices of gas don't help us to save money while we drive our cars.

Therefore you need all the help you can get to drive green and save money in the process. The current economy certainly doesn't contribute to people's financial worries and unless you know how to save money wisely you might be chasing the wrong end of the tail.

The following green driving tips are a smart way to go green and help contribute to our planet's health and your pocket.

The first thing you need to do to go green is to make sure your car has decent tires fitted. Up to 20 percent of your fuel can actually be wasted with the wrong tires, especially if the resistance is too high. This makes the car work a lot harder, hence more fuel is getting wasted. It pays to spend a little more upfront by buying decent fitted tires to save money long-term.

If you are stuck in traffic jams or need to wait at traffic light it is a good idea to turn off your engine if you wait longer than 60 seconds. The same energy is used to restart a car as if it was to run in idle mode. This helps to save you money and stops unnecessary emissions of green house gases.

Many car drivers carry far too much gear around with them. Just because you don't have to physically carry it you shouldn't load your car to capacity either. In fact, doing this will waste fuel, money and contribute to the decline of our planet. Think green and lighten your load.

Have you ever considered to carpool? If not you should. Just by carpooling with 3 others you can save up to 25 percent of your weekly fuel cost. Take equal turns in driving each other's car or else decide to use the one car only and help with financial contributions to fuel.

Walk this way. To help green the planet why not walk more? Especially if you just pop down the road to pick up some groceries, consider walking instead of driving the car. This will actually not only help to save you money but also keep you fit.

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