Living In The Treetops

Do you think this a treehouse for kids? No, not anymore!

According to Pete Nelson's stunning new book entitled "New Treehouses of the World", living in a treehouse is hardly child’s play; it has become a trendy and ecologically advanced accommodation option of the future. In his book it offers an exclusive glimpse into some of the most remarkable and creative living spaces found around the globe. See below for another great design of treehouses.

So need of aircondition...but guess you need to build some precaution against strong wind and winter time

Photo credit: Pete Nelson, New Treehouses of the World, Abrams, 2009.


IndianPie said...

looks great. I wish I had one like this here too :)

elvira said...

great house.. i like it

Thompson said...

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Thompson said...

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mannoy said...

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maria said...

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sulumits retsambew said...

I love green... go green

sulumits retsambew said...

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maria said...

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yasinta said...

OMG.. so beautiful and artistic! However I would be scared to live above such a "high". Just wonder to try them for vacations :P. But the first house is amazing, very beautiful and cozy...! What are the advantages of a tree house? Is it only about the air conditioner?

not important diary said...

like robinhood, I hope to have one.

Anonymous said...


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Reseller Hosting said...

Loved the picture's.. i was looking for something which i could use for designing my treetop and got some very interesting images :) specially the second one.. Keep it up with your amazing work..

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