Green Living Tips For Computer Users

Do you know that using laptops and desktop computers have a lot of diference in terms of energy comsumption?

The following are some rough calculations based on coal fired power generation for just the computer aspect:

Laptop = 50w x 10 hours a day x 365 days = 182.5 kilowatts
Desktop = 300s x 10 hours a day x 365 = 1095 kilowatts

There is a huge difference as you can see and in terms of carbon emissions, the savings by using a laptop are around 1360 pounds annually or over half a ton.

Switching from a desktop machine to a notebook is a great way to save electricity. However, even with a desktop system there's a lot you can do to green your computer use.

When you're not using your computer for extended periods, switch your computer off at the wall to avoid phantom power load consumption.

Ensure your power saving/management options are enabled and properly configured. In Windows, this can be found in Settings/Control Panel/Power Options

While using your computer, only have your screen as bright as you need it - unneccesarily bright screens will use additional electricity.

For a screen saver, use a blank (black) screen as animated screen savers are energy suckers.


Dexter @SEO services said...

yeah really it is very nice way to switch to the laptop from the desktop & if it is not then the tips given by you are also very good to follow for the desktops thanks for that!

Web Solutions said...


I think we can save our electricity from laptops because it ran on low electric power. This may be a big benefit for laptop users.

self defense products said...

Thanks for the tips , these are awesome ! Yes. Turn down the brightness on your screen to the lowest level that you can see it clearly.Also sit well back from your computer, there is no point sitting close to it. You may have to adapt for doing this.

Carico said...

Interesting I did not realize there was such a difference in energy consumption. But you also have to think about the fact that laptop batteries do not last that long and eventually have to be plugged in full time and also disposing of the battery is an issue.

Darmsanierung Kräuter said...

Wow didnt know that my computer was such an energy waster. I really consider myself a green person so...

Thanks for the energy saving tips!

Jenn said...

Super helpful!! Thank you for these tips! I had no idea I could do things to be greener while using the computer!


Mike said...

It's amazing how such a "small" thing like an animated screen saving can be such and energy waste. Great tips, easy to follow at home and are sure to help out.

Web Hosting Affiliates said...

The information which provided in this article is really useful for every computer user, so that he or she can save energy. So following these guidelines is the great saving energy.

Magento Themes said...

thank you for let us knowing, I want to go green in every wake of life. but I never thought in computer.

Magento themes said...

WOw thats great i have been a computer worm from four year and suffering from the wrist pain , and some of the stomach diseases . DO suggest some hting about htese also

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