Green Washing Tips

Energy-efficient washers can use up to 50 percent less energy and 60 percent less water than standard machines. If you have a top loader, regardless of how old it is, consider replacing it with an energy-efficient front loader.

Energy Star-rated: These machines are 37 percent more energy-efficient and use 18 to 25 gallons per load, about half what traditional washers use. The percentages on our Product Comparison chart represent how much more energy-efficient an appliance is than federal standards require.

Water Factor: Part of the Energy Star rating, the Water Factor is a ratio of how much water is used compared to the size of the drum. For example, a machine with a 4-cubic-foot drum that uses 24 gallons per load has a water factor of 6. The figure is more accurate than gallons per load, since washers vary so much in size. The lower the number, the better. Energy Star-rated machines have water factors ranging from 3.2 to 7.9.

Front-loaders: Front-loading machines are, in general, more efficient than their top-loading counterparts, using 40 to 60 percent less water and 30 to 50 percent less energy. They also have the benefit of faster spin times, which means your clothes dry faster. Some local utilities offer rebates for purchasing front loaders.

Shopping Tips
  • Select a washer with variable spin times. Faster spin cycles rid clothes of more water and aid in drying times.
Usage Tips
  • Adjust the washing machine so that water levels match the load of laundry.
  • Wash only full loads.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water. A slight 10 percent of the electricity consumed in washing a load of clothes goes to run a washer's motor; the remaining 90 percent is used to heat the water. Washing clothes in cold water can cut CO2 emissions down by 100 pounds and save you up to $64 a year on your energy bill. In situations where hot water is necessary (for instance, to kill dust mites in bedding), use cold water to rinse.
  • Use less detergent, and you'll save water by not having to run extra rinse cycles.


Sharlene said...

It is also important to know on how to save up energy at home. With this, it is better to use energy saver appliances and install energy efficient system to save energy and also it would cut down your electric bill consumption.

Mike said...

Water is one of the most wasted resources from the home. Putting into action these easy laundry tips can conserve so much, even within just a month. Thanks for the tips.

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