6 Things You Should Know About Candle Making: A Greener Way

I just wanna share with you this article i have come across while browsing on how to start candle making as home business. To be honest, i have no idea that candle making posses a threat to our environment. Here is the full article:

"Did you know that the candles you are burning could be harming the environment or worse, you and your family, especially if they contain lead core wicks? Before lighting or buying another candle be sure to read the research information we have gathered and find out why our soy candles are a healthier, greener choice.
  • Soy wax burns cleaner resulting in less toxins for you, your children and pets to breathe, not to mention not damaging your home with black soot all over walls, ceilings, drapes, carpets, furniture and electronics
  • Soy wax is non-toxic and over time it won’t harm the environment making soy candles a “greener” choice
  • Soy wax burns cooler providing a 20% - 50% longer burn time so you get more for your money
  • Stronger scent throw cold and while burning means a more prominent scent throughout your home or office
  • Soy beans are a renewable resource and are grown in the USA which support american farmers and the american economy
  • Soy wax will clean up with soap and hot water
Based on our research we believe that Soy Wax is a better, safer alternative t paraffin waz candles. While many may argue the facts, we still feel that since paraffin wax comes from petroleum or slack wax if you will, which is the left over sludge from making fuel and oil which contains toxins. Slack Wax is very toxic in its rare form and paraffin wax is made from refining slack wax. Although the refining process reduces the toxins to FDA "Safe Levels", paraffin in abundance and over time could still pollute the environment and be dangerous to our health. True, paraffin wax is biodegradable but its what it leaves behind that's the problem. Before making your next candle purchase please visit our Soy Facts page to help you form your own opinions regarding soy and paraffin waxes."

I hope this article will reach to people who are fond of making candles either as a hobby or as business. We will go hand in hand in protecting and saving our environment for our children and children's future! Please send this article to all your friends who are making candles.

By choosing Soy Candles you are helping the future of our environment. Are you doing your part?

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ViCky said...

Nice initiative man , I really think a lot of us are educated enough to do things but we tend to say we are too alone .

We need to spread the word and hopefully that will work.

Nice work man :)

indon said...

great article.

I totally agree with U. It's important to protect and save our environment for our children and children's future

Male Enhancement said...

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I bookmarked it in my browser

All The Best,

Organic Living said...

After my first soy candle I will never go back. It was a huge difference, I also found that it held the scent much longer than a traditional scented candle.

Lilian said...

Hi Organic Living, i have visited your blog and its good everything about organic great! its a one stop info about organic.

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