Simple Ways To Save Energy Daily

I have already covered in my last posting about the sources of energy we use daily, its importance to our environment and our economy today. I have also mentioned why it is important to conserve energy. So today, i will be sharing with you simple and easy ways on how to save energy in our day to day lives.

"Remember, the energy that we use in our homes pollutes the environment and reduces the availability of energy in the future".

You do not have to reduce your standard of living when reducing your energy consumption – you only have to think a little about how you can use them more wisely.

Lighting accounts for around 15-20% of your domestic electricity bill. There are simple ways to reduce energy use in lighting without having to grope in the dark.
  • Switch lighting on only when you need it.
  • Use daylight whenever possible.
  • When buying new lighting, consider choosing compact fluorescent bulbs, which use 75% less energy than standard bulbs for the same amount of illumination.
  • Place your lighting carefully where you need it.
  • Use dimmers where possible (except for fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent bulbs).
  • Use non-opaque, light-coloured lamp shades.
  • Keep light fixtures and lamps clean to maximise their efficiency.
Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is another major form of energy consumption in your home, but there are ways in which you can use it more wisely.
  • When buying an air-conditioner, check its Energy Efficiency Ratio, with lower numbers denoting better efficiency.
  • Avoid installing air-conditioners where they will be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Close off areas that do not require air-conditioning, and turn air-conditioners off in unoccupied rooms.
  • Keep windows and doors shut when the air-conditioner is running.
  • Place weather strips on doors and windows to prevent the leakage of cool air.
  • Clean or replace the filters in all air-conditioners at the beginning of summer, and clean them every two weeks from then on.
  • Set the temperature to an energy-efficient level so that you will feel comfortable rather than cold.
  • Use fans instead of air-conditioning whenever possible.
  • Choose a cooker or oven of a suitable size for your family needs.
  • A multi-jet cooker or oven offers you more flexibility, and can minimise wastage.
  • Adjust the flame to fit the bottom of your pan.
  • Cook several dishes in one session when using an oven.Use the simmer burner rather than the oven to reheat food.
  • Use your grill to its full capacity rather than cooking one item at a time.
  • Always put the lids on pans to trap heat.
  • Boil only as much water as you need.
  • Steaming and stir-frying is an energy-efficient way of cooking.
  • Turn your oven or ring off before you have finished cooking, and let the remaining heat gently finish the job.
  • Check your oven door seal for heat leakage, and replace it if necessary.
Water Heating
  • If you take a shower instead of a bath you will save about 50% in heating costs.
  • A low-flow shower head also saves water and heating energy.
  • Only use hot water when necessary.
  • When not using your water heater, switch off the pilot light.
  • Have your water heater inspected from time to time as recommended on the unit's label to ensure its efficiency and safety.
Water Use and Energy Savings
You can also reduce energy use in other ways when using water. Just remember that energy is used to transport, store and treat all water.

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Lilian said...

am happy today my comment form is working may now post your comment here... have a nice day and thanks for spending some of your precious time in my blog!

Stan said...

Very interesting advice! I was so happy to find this on-line, I also have added it to my bookmarks.
Thanks a lot again!
I wish you infinite luck and abundance!

MyUSICA said...

Useful tips...thank you for this post

Hi from Italy

home safety tips said...

Thanks for sharing this tips.
Air Conditions is the number one culprit in making my electric bills go crazy.
Just to share with you basic things I usually do to save energy. I turn appliances that are not in use specially the air condition, I keep the air condition filter clean and in the morning most of the lights are off.

yasinta said...

Don't use what you don't really need. That's my point. Think and reflect the waste. You will find it easier.

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