Are All Papers Are Recyclable?

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Not all papers can be recycled. Depending on the specific requirements of certain paper mills, the following are the usual DOs and DON'Ts :

DO Recycle
  • News paper
  • Weekly magazines
  • Magazines/books with stapled/sewed binding (any coated glossy cover should be removed)
  • All stationary paper (including colored paper, computer printouts, card, etc)
  • Envelopes and folders (including stamps but removed adhesive flap or plastic window)
  • Leaflets from junk mails
DON'T Recycle
  • Magazine/books using glue for binding
  • Paper cups, paper plates, wax paper
  • Tissue, Napkins, paper towel
  • Self-adhesive stickers or those with glue or tape
* Rubber bonds, paper clips and staples are OK as they will be removed in the recycling process. But large metals and contaminants should be removed.

Do you know that....
It takes 17 trees and 1500 liters of oil to make one tonne of paper?

Remember it is a "privilege" to to help keep our environment safe and free from more destruction!



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